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Do Colored Dots deliver Army Trainee’s mail Faster?

Thousands of letters and postcards arrive at Fort Benning each day, bringing inspiration to recruits. Families are asked to add a colored dot to their envelopes to make it easier for the hard-charging mail specialist to sort and deliver mail.

According to Fort Benning’s FAQs, the colored dot makes sorting mail easier. Thousands of Soldiers receive thousands of letters each day, so anything to ease the process will help. If your Soldier didn’t tell you to do this you don’t have to put any special marking on the mail. makes it easy for loved ones to add colored dots to their postcard, which results in faster and more accurate delivery. Families can send a postcard within minutes from their computer or phone.

When creating your trainee’s address you can now add a colored dot from the dropdown list. Remember: the dot is optional and your postcard will still be delivered if you don’t know the color.

CEO of Monday Delivery and USMC Veteran explains, “We know how important mail is to recruits and Soldiers. Sending a simple postcard with a photo and message can make a big difference in confidence.”

Start Sending

Recruits tell their families how much they enjoy the easy-to-read postcards and the thickness of the cards so they can carry them in their pockets.

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